I'm trying to learn some songs that could help me improve my skills with using harmonics or maybe even acoustic tapping a little bit. I have a classical guitar, ive been playing for like a year maybe. I've been playing electric for about 6 years.

I know how to play harmonics, i'm just trying to learn and become more familiar with them.

And maybe some songs to help me learn melodic acoustic parts? I've been playing lots of 4 chord songs and and easier stuff cause i dont know much that could challenge me.

Thanks mugs
Look at bob kilgore, he provides his own tabs for you, he plays classical guitar. Look at Dominic frasca aswel, if you want i've done something like they're genre just not as a hard as what they're doing :P Its mostly harmonics its a good little piece i call harmonic fantasy =] Email me if you interested Itll be on GP5 newest version cmk_andy@hotmail.com