heya guys,

i'll keep it short & simple: i'm currently using a Roland Cube 20, just for solo practicing in my room and stuff like that. A great amp, but ofc it's not enough for live playing and giggs so i'll have to buy a stronger amp. lately i've been trying some stuff like the Peavey Bandit and i really liked it, but it's only 80 Watt, so i'm wondering: Is this enough for giggs?

(Please keep in mind that my budget sux: atm i've got around 300 euro's ($440) to spend, so no ''hey-why-dont-you-buy-this-$2000-amp'' advice plz )

Then your going to have to save, no point buying an amp with low funds, you'll just regret it later on. Wait untill youve got 500-600 euros and that will be plenty
The Peavey Bandit 112 isn't that good. You're better off saving and getting something better.
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i have the Peavey Bandit 112, & i really like it... although i don't love it =\

its a great amp & im sure would be great for gigging, i havnt been able to gig with it yet though

i think if i got some pedals, or something, i'd probably like it more
Most big venues will run an amp through the PA system using microphones so 80W is more than enough. I use the Peavey Bandit for gigging and pretty much everything because although it's not fantastic it's a workhorse and it's almost indestrucible.
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Have you considered a Peavey VYPYR? It's a modeling amp, but my 75 watter will drown out even the loudest of drummers. It's also full of good tones. It's definately worth a play through if you've never heard one.
peavey 112 will definitly gig, obviously venues within reason. But its super durable, and sounds pretty darn good too. Everyones got different opinions and so there is no definite choice but i'd stick with the bandit. You'll be happy as a pig in shit
I wouldn't spend $400 on a Bandit. I had one and sold it for $125. Not a bad amp though. You could gig with it. And the crunch channel sounds pretty good.
I've both played through and heard a Bandit 112 MANY times.

It's for sure more than loud enough for most gigging but the real problem is...


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