I bought Metallica's Death Magnetic album the other day and I am quite stoked to see they've returned to their old school day sound. I think the riffs are interesting, the singing and lyrics return to early glory days, and I think finally they're comfortable and created an excellent album.

What are some opinions?
theres a review for it on this site and millions of sites
and theres a Only Metallica Thread in the Metal Forum
Dick+strings= owww
It's not bad at all, and some songs are VERY good
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Quote by saphrax
Said it before, say it again.

It might have some good tracks, but as an album, it's ****ing boring.

Amen to that.
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Good album, but I was disappointed. Songs lacked something.
They said in Metal Hammer it should have gone;
KEA, Ride, Master, Justice and Death Magnetic.
Made me laugh a little.
Would have been my least favourite album, if St. Anger and Load didnt exist.

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