i'm just starting out to write songs.....and i'm having real trouble, i'm really not clear about the world of song writing........do you normally create the melody first or the words first?...wt makes a song a song??
melody first. if you go words first it's hard to make all the verses sound similair.
well it really depend on you~ sometimes u juz haf the feelings,thoughts tat u wanna express~ when u r in the mood u shud go for the lyrics 1st~ melody can wait~
The hardest part for me is thinking of ideas so i just write them in a book when i think of them and make a song when one of the ideas is something i can relate to.
I like to think up the chorus first to make the song catchy and original then music then verses.
I'd say it's easier for melody first but not always better to do that way.

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