Hey all,

So, I was trying out some geeetars in my local guitar center, and one of the employees comes over and asks if I wanted to buy a 4x12 cabinet they just got in used (i make a lot of my purchases there, so they kind of know me..)... for 120 bucks. On the receipt, its a Crate GE-4125. I can't seem to find any info about it on the internet.. so I'm wondering if anybody knows anything about Crates, or any advice at all. I'm a college kid, so I could use another 120 bucks, but if I got a good enough deal on this, I would like to keep it.. even though I don't have a head to power it yet. :S
Any advice, as to whether its worth the money, or if I could get a comparable cabinet for that price in the future?
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I bought a crate 412 cab awhile back (I think its the one you are talking about) and it was $200 brand new. I'd say skip it for sure. the thing isn't very loud and doesn't pack much of a punch. I hear they are alright if you upgrade the speakers, but theres really no point in buying it.

If you want a decent cab, check your craigslist or ebay. People sell other types of cabs, loaded with good speakers (celestions V30s) for around $200ish... Those would be alot better than the $125 crate cab. Screw Geetar Center.