(Verse 1)
Muddy banks on the river
Many miles are left to go
I might fail to deliver
But I will not fail to show
There’s a car chase on the high-way
And a dead man in the sea
But all of these sights I, see with my eyes
Have nothing to do with me
I’m standing on the edge of confusion
With a straight face, not a smile
They say that bliss is just a delusion
Well just stay with me, for a while
With no responsibility
No excess humility
Sickness Sensibility
This place is now my home
(Verse 2)
Ice skates on the asphalt
And a sled on, hill of sand
Hills filled with sunrise
Which has come in high demand
Options for morning
And options for the night
I can’t withstand reasons
And I can’t withstand the rights

one of my first attempts at songwriting.