ive been playing guitar for about a year on and off
and only gotten back into it lately
i can play a good few songs , do barre chords a bit of solo-ing
but i just dont know where to go know?
ive never had lessons but thought myself things and used this site
any ideas?
Learn some theory. If you already know some theory, learn more. That way you can work on writing your own stuff, or at the very least, understanding why other wrote their songs the way they did. Look below (in sig) for a link.
Stop whining and learn your theory!

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set yourself a goal you want to reach.
for e.g. tremolo picking, sweeping, tapping and so on
if technique is not your main goal, try playing songs as perfect as possible
(not only technical but that you also understand the song as a whole, maybe you could interpret it in your way etc.)

you make more progress if you're going step by step then just playing everything half-assed