i have playing guitar for all of about a week and a half with my first lesson in there somewhere. I bought myself a used house brand guitar(redfox...no idea who made it) for $135 and am using my fathers OLD Pevey Pacer... Now my question is should i buy a decent amp or keep using this one. I love playing and think i am progressing ok for a newbie and plan to keep playing. I have almost 10 years experience on the piano so reading and understanding music is nothing new for me...but doing it on the guitar takes some getting used too. Everytime i turn the amp on it sounds like the gremlins scatter, it lets out this whine and when i turn up the volume it crackles like crazy. Or should i play with this till i get better. I have learnt some scales and some basic chords and some of Metallica's ONE. Any advice for a guy just starting out on what gear to have? Thanks to all who reply
playing a week and a half, and already considering new gear? give it a few months to make sure it's worth the investment, then amp upgrade, followed by guitar upgrade.
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you could probably pick upa pretty cheap practice amp... it wont be particularly fantastic in the tone depaartment, but it wont have the crackle etc that your dads old amp has....

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wait til you get better and decide what kind of sound you want from the amp, because what sounds good now to you might sound like shit when you recognize tonality in the amps/ preamps/ distortions later. and who knows maybe you'll decide you really don't care for guitar after a year or two
Just starting out you aren't gonna really need anything too fancy. Since you have been playing piano for so long it would probably benifit you to get a new one, but nothing fancy yet (unless you got the cash, then by all means go by a mesa). By hearing your guitar clearly without background noise you can start to sharpen up your transitioning between chords or muting strings you aren't playing that you may not catch on an old scratchy amp or an amp with alot of effects/distortion. It sounds like you are doing pretty good if you are starting out with One, but make sure alot of your practice is with a cleaner sound. I practiced with a fifty dollar pawn shop special for a year and a half before i upgraded, but since i spent all my time playing the guitar and not with a bunch of effects it helped clean up my playing. Trust me, after playing for awhile on a cleaner sound you will start to pick up on imperfections you wouldn't hear with more distortion or effects (so you probably don't need as much. Just basics for fun). If you fix those now, it will make learning advanced techniques alot easier. When you feel like you have a comfortable hold on the basics then its time to start upgrading your gear. Last but not least, everyone does it different, this is just based on my learning experience. Make yours your own.