So basically i've had this bass for about a year, an Ibanez Ergodyne, EDB400, it's all been great and awesome

Until today, when I suddenly noticed the tone knob is rather loose (not a big problem I know but little things like this bug me). After a little fiddling it now doesn't stop turning and doesn't really affect the tone as it's supposed to, I suppose the pot (is that right?) is turning but not turning the little screw inside as it's supposed to.

Basically, how can I fix it? Do they just pull off so I can tighten it? Obviously I can't just screw it tighter as the whole point of it is to turn and affect the tone

Thanks for any help
most knobs usually pull off..... if the plastic cover is brokn, you could just go find a music shop with your model and when no one is lookng pull of a replacement
Well it's a metal cover and it doesn't feel like it will just pull off, I dunno, I don't wanna be too rough incase I break it more