i want to put a locking head onto my guitar (cos i dont have one) and need to know how

can someone send me a message or something telling me how please
to the max.

What exactly do you mean 'locking head'? locking nut?

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Or there's a padlock glued to the head?
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Does your bridge have fine tuners? The answer is most probably, no, so in which case a locking nut is useless.

And if you didn't know it was called a nut then I doubt you have the ability to fit one.
i knew it was a locking nut, i just keep saying head for some reason
If your bridge doesn't have fine tuners, a locking nut is useless. When you tighten it, the strings it's holding will go sharp, and the fine tuners on the bridge fix this. I had a Kramer Striker 400ST from '85 and it had the original fine tuner-less FR bridge and a locking nut. Dumbest. combination. ever.

What you want are locking tuners.