Hi people. this is my second write-up. hope ya guyz could gif me some critics. thanks
C4C heh

How can I fall in love with you?
Knowing that we were never meant to be
Yet I’m still clinging on a futile dream
Wishing someday you will accept me

I try my best not to think of you
And yet memories of you strikes me
Again and again pounding into my mind
Torment me with pain I could bear no more

How can I have faith in you?
When you always avoid me
With your lies and excuses
Leaving me hanging hopelessly

Signs of evasion can be clearly seen
Yet I never utter the feelings that’s in me
As confession would lead to fatality
Therefore words can only be kept safely within me

I will throw in one last attempt
To prove that I have make my final stand
Though I know you will never say yes
Hearing from you helps me to forget you