So a while ago, this idea came to my mind and I haven't seen anyone propose this idea yet anywhere(I might be wrong still).

The idea is to actually lift weights with your fingers to strenghten them faster. Of course it's fingers, you wouldn't use the weights you use for your arms, but supposing you could find something light and small enough, but still heavy enough to ensure that you are working out your fingers strenght and endurance. Some tape could be used to prevent it from falling too.

I know this might sound stupid, but when you think about it, I don't see a reason it wouldn't work. Sure, I'm aware it won't make you a guitar god in a day and all, and it won't really help your technique. But something it does for sure is work your fingers muscles. For my part, it probably wouldn't be that useful for my index to ring finger, but my pinky still is considerably weak compared to my other fingers.

A lot of other people would also find that idea useless, but for a beginner, wouldn't it be a great idea? And that doesn't mean replacing your guitar practicing. That means adding it to your guitar practice, while you are not playing it. It's something so easy to do and that barely requires efforts, but that can still help out a lot for beginners who are trying to develop more muscles strenght. Think about it. What's lifting weights with your fingers one hour a day while watching TV? The benefits after a while of doing such an exercise can't be ignored, specially for the starters out there.

Anyway that was just an idea, wondering if someone agrees with me. Hopefully, someone might try it out and get helped in the processed.
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Good idea, but instead squeeze balls and do something with elastics (word?).
Works wonders in school actually.
If you are watching television though, there's no excuse - do something you have to do, or play yer goddamn guitar!
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I had a similar kind of idea but for my arms instead. I wasn't sure if it would work though. My band have just started to write songs and we're doing a fair amount of fast picking and it's killing my right arm from the way I play, would lifting some weight help or hinder that? :S
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They do have finger weights that you can wear on your fingers and play guitar with. Idk about lifting exactly, but playing with em sure would make your fingers stronger. And squeezing a stress ball would help with forearm strength, which you do need.
I don't really know if it would help or hurt necessarily, but one thing to keep in mind is that different parts of the muscle and tendons are used to move than to hold in position. So if you are going to try the weights, then make sure the fingers are in constant motion, they they are when you are playing guitar, or your tendons will tighten, thinking that it is more important to hold a position strong.

Because playing guitar does very little damage to your body, and no conditioning is really needed, the best way to train for guitar is to play guitar, it is that simple. just do it more, and it will get easier, and you will get over any pain.
That's the basic idea behind products like these:

However, finger strength doesn't come from muscle bulk alone, but also from how well your muscles are coordinated. In other words, dexterity not only lets you hit the strings more accurately, but also with greater strength, simply buy using your muscles in a more efficient fashion. That's why actually playing a guitar is better, it builds muscle strength and dexterity at the same time.