on the hunt again for a new distortion pedal. i saw this one on musicians friend but didn't know how it sounded or even if it was worth the price. the style of music i play is melodic death metal like dark tranquility, black dahlia, etc. also how does this compare to the metal muff.
I've not tried the damage control, but I did recently replace my metal muff with a blackstar dist-x.

If the solid metal is anything like the dist-x then it's gonna sound much warmer than the muff.
Sounds good. Not sure if it sounds melodic death metal good, but it does react a lot like a tube amp. Sounds better with a boost pedal out front, I'm personally using a Bad Monkey in front of it. My RG7321's stock pickups are very dark sounding, so it needs some bass taken out in front, which the BM does very well.