Poll: Peavey 5150 or Bugera 333XL 212?
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Sorry for posting so many threads on here guys, i just dont want to buy the wrong amp again be regretting it a year later. Anyway, so I have 600-700$ approximately and two options.

Bugera 333XL 212 combo for 700$. I've heard that this is like a copy of the peavey XXX.

Peavey 5150 for 550$. I hear alot about this amp. I just dont know if this will be as versatile as the bugera, considering this has 2channels and the Bugera has 3.

I play hard rock and metal, and alot of 80's stuff. I need one to be versatile and cleans dont need to be amazing, but need to be good. Im basically looking for a nice real sounding distortion. Distortion thats thick and crunchy but can get like EVH. Also like to play alot of Pantera and A7X stuff.
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