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yesterday me and my girlfriend skipped school and got caught because her friend called her mom and asked why she wasn't in school. A couple of months ago she told me that her mom beats her with a studded belt... And sometimes for no reason. And I know that as soon as she gets home from school her
mom is going to be waiting there to beat her and idk what I should do. My dad said to just try to convince her to tell her dad because he doesn't know but her mom and dad said that we're not allowed to talk to each other for a while so I don't know up to convince her. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do
The polis.
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dude tell someone in the authority, protect her
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your dad seems to have the right idea.

edit: if you can't contact her, you may have to wait

actually talk to her at school
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Smack that 'ho!

But in a serioussness, call the police or someone like Childline
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Ask your girlfriend what happened when she got home.

Not much point calling the police if she just ended up randomly playing scrabble.

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How old are you?..

Erm, anyway... If you really care about her, it's your responsibility to sort this out, so just think of some. It's the freakin' 21st century, there must be a way for you to get in touch with her.

P.S. Or just let her mom do it, and you'll have a BDSM-crazy girlfriend. That ought to be a lot of fun
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Hm.... hmm..... DUHH the police!

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Am I the only one who thinks calling the police will only make matters worse for everyone?..
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Call the cops dude. Seriously, you shouldn't even need to think twice about this.
The Police, Sting'll sort it out.
Call the actual police though, this is illegal and they should help.
Unless your unfortunate enough to live in Lincolnshire like me where the police are more there simply to show that you have a police force, they never do anything.
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Hm.... hmm..... DUHH the police!

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No, don't call the cops.

Tell your girlfriend to call the cops. Otherwise bitch'll be like "Oh noes you didn't cart off my momma! You's goin down hoe!"
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Am I the only one who thinks calling the police will only make matters worse for everyone?..

yes, removing an abusive force will hurt things.

She may love her mom, but abuse is abuse, and its best to get rid of it.
Teenage girls tend to exaggerate things. Don't tell the police anything until you know what happened. If CPS comes knocking on their door for no reason, then her parents might beat her.
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I would suggest quit skipping school and doing stupid shit to get in trouble for, other than that find out what happened when she got home and tell the police or a teacher.
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I think you shouldn’t really get involved seriously , if you call the police , she will get taken away and put in a foster home . Now that’s sounds fun with all those other beaten up kids ....

You see that scene in The Godfather when Sonny beats up Connies husband cos he was hitting her.. do that
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like really, what can the pit possible do besides impersonate a cop or call a female stripper in a cop outfit.
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The only thing you can do is call the police. It might not be the right thing to do. But that's literally the only thing you can do. Besides doing nothing.
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Just have your girlfriend act all sick and tell her mom she was sent to the nurse because of food poisoning or something. She then went back to class and didn't get to see her friend.
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if you really have any care for this girl you will call the polizei.
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Let her stay at your place.
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uhhh...beat her first?
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yesterday me and my girlfriend skipped school and got caught because her friend called her mom and asked why she wasn't in school.

This is not a friend
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