I was wondering what my first amp should be... I am 100% sure that my bass will be an F104 ESP. I am only going to be using it for practice / jamming with friends therefore 20W or so will be fine. I considered getting a Behringer but these forums convinced me not to. I have had my eyes on this because it is cheap, and looks powerful.

Also, I have only been playing at school and can already play Hysteria by Muse 95% perfectly so I am sure that I can handle a good amp.

I don't want to spend over 180 because with the bass and other accessories it will cost around 560.
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you'll need a lot mopre than 20 watts. Try out the Ashdown electric blue series. And do you have a budget?
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I agree with Scott, 20w n bass terms equates to no more than a fart, you need to be looking at minimum 50 and thats without a drummer........

How much are you willing to spend?
If a drummer comes into the equation, 150W is the first safe power level where the drummer will be able to hear you.
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Go through the Classifieds with a fine tooth comb is the only rhing i can suggest that you do, because 150 new wont get you much....... Keep an eye out for Ashdown MAGs or Electric Blue

If you have any other friends that are bassists, see if you can organise to borrow an amp from them or something while you save up?
i reckon for practise and jamming 100 watts will do you it does me so look out for some ashdown and hartke.
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well, I have a 50W and I jam with a drummer and when i put my volume halfway up my friends complain its too loud...