Some split E chords, that i dont have time to work out their names right now, what are their names?

D 9
A 11
E 0

D 14
A 16
E 0

D 14
A 13
E 0

D 11
A 12
E 0

D 7
A 9
E 0

D 4
A 6
E 0

D 6
A 7
E 0
Epiphone Sheraton
Peavey something or other
Boss Overdrive/Distortion OS-2
E major
C#m with E in the bass
E tritone.
A with E in the bass.
F#m with E in the bass.
Emaj9 no 3rd.
E Major.

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C#m/E But there are some possibilities here, as it's only 2 different notes. It isn't a real chord actually (chord = at least 3 different notes).

Again, only 2 notes being E and A#. Though that's not that basic anymore xD.


E F# A, no idea what to make of that either. It's up an octave and a diminished 3rd to the F#, then a minor 3rd to the A

That could be part of a D#/E. There's no A in there yet though

That last one is only 2 notes again, being E and G#, so part of an E chord I'd say
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