So long story short, my "friend", who sings real well and I jam a lot. He wants to start a band, and I'm all for it, except.

Nearly every week, most deffinately every other week without fail this kid does something that really pisses me off. Like he'll be a great friend one day, then the next be a real dick. Anyawy, I've debated it for a long time, and I really am starting to think I can't take it being in a band with him. He's got a huge ego as well.

the only thing that stops me is his voice. I know it kinda sounds bad, but should I use him for his singing talent? I mean, he's still my friend, but I don't want him in my band. If not (I'm leaning towards not...), what can I do. I can sing okay, but not really great. I'd rather stick to back up. I mean I could get bettter but, the main problem is there aren't that many great singers I know.

What should I do?
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use him.
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So long story short, my "friend", who sings real well

the only thing that stops me is his voice. I know it kinda sounds bad, but should I use him for his singing talent?

So which is it? If hes good take him. Gel with your other bandmates and if hes a dick find a new singer. Seems simple.
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before you tell him off first confront him as blunt as possible about how you think he's a d*** sometimes (say it nicely though) and tell him that if you want to keep working together he shouldn't have or show his ego around you
I believe it's called bi-polar. He may have mood swings and you don't know. If you go up to him and tell him he is being a dick he would be pretty pissed. Find out if he really does have some disorder that gives him mood swings before you are the one looking like a dick.
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The last person you want in a band, regardless of how talented they are, is someone who you are going to struggle to get along with.
It's only going to spoil any enjoyment you get out of playing with your band. Even if he does have a medical condition that excuses his behaviour, it still means the same thing to you.

That doesn't mean you can't have some sort of recording project with him, but whatever you do, don't tour with the guy or you'll end up killing each other.