As title says, Im selling to fund my tiny terror purchase. It is in good condition, mechanically and cosmetically. Tubes are still good, sounds amazing to me, just looking for something new. Will come with footswitch and amp cover. Looking to get around 500 shipped, as shipping will be close to 100. You are welcome to pick it up as well, I am in Buffalo NY near UB north campus. email me at kevinshahrpass@hotmail.com, thanks
I love when people put there user name on a piece of paper, so easy to do but adds so much to the Ad no joke, i would never buy something with out seeing that.

Bump im looking for a amp for metal so a fender just seems to clean for my liking.
A few questions...Is there noise to the amp that wasn't there when it was new?
Are any of the pots crackling?
Was this used to gig with and does it stink of smoke? and the last question...
Will you ship to Europe if paid in advance?
Sorry for all the questions...
The amplifier has not been modded, and it has the tubes that came with them amp in it as far as I know.

There is no noise to the amp from what I have seen, none of the pots are crackling, it was never gigged, and doesnt smell like smoke. I will ship it to Europe, but it will cost a LOT of money. Let me know if youre still interested, thanks