So I have got myself a free squier 20th anniversary affinity strat from a friend and I'm thinking of making it into a pretty nice guitar.

It's been sat in his room for goodness knows how long and though the neck feels okay underneath, it's kinda, idk greasy i suppose. First of all, what do you guys recommend to clean it up a bit. I'm gonna lemon oil the fretboard in a minute to get the stupid amount of grime off it.

Secondly, does anyone have any of the GFS Texas pickups? I've read good things about them and these seem pretty good and cheap. Which is always a plus point. [btw, I just want a pretty standard strat sound so if you have any other suggestions I'm open to change]

The finish is terrible! It has been chipped in so many horrible ways and places. I was thinking of refinishing it in an off white and maybe painting some kind of graphic on with acrylic paints. My thoughts are either batman or snoopy. snoopy ftw.

and obviously reshape the god-awful headstock to the better 50's shape.

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Not sure about off white... but spray paint a batman logo on it! you must do it!
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I mean, paint on batman from the comics. mid-leap or something.
Its Getting Better All The Time