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My guitarteacher taught me the chords to "Drunken Sailor".
It took me about three lessons to learn it...

I still havent mastered Em and D
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one dream of mine is to play baroque and roll.

i dont quite know what it is, but i assume it involves plenty of harpsichord solos and medieval chanting.

last kiss pearl jam version
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YYZ- Rush
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The first song I completely fully learned was John5 - Damaged
But the first song I started to learn was Black Sabbath - Iron Man

I really just learned riffs from certain songs.

Now I am learning the full songs instead of just sick riffs
well seven nation army is only really one riff .

but the first proper song i learnt all the way through would be raining blood as i just learnt riffs instead of entire songs
pink floyd wish you were here. took me half an hour to learn that easy little riff on my dads acoustic guitar. was worth it though
Sweating Bullets - Megadeth

Hole lotta fun.
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as for you, you spin a story like a spider spins a web
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i'm still learning, but i think i'm getting better

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On the bass - Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes
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first riff was seven nation army..

first complete song was dammit by blink 182
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The first song, from start to finish was an acoustic version of In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3
...In my opinion.
Acoustic: The Beatles - Ticket to Ride (first and last song I learned, long story.)
Electric: Either Come As You Are, or Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral, or Weezer - Undone.
First full song was something by Buddy Holly, a few hours after I learned some intro riffs.
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oh really? i didnt know children of bodom were better than a band far more famous and popular than them, cheers for the update

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first song i learned was stay together for the kids by blink 182 man that brings back memories of first writing down tabs and playing
First riff: Smoke on the Water shortly followed by Smells Like Teen Spirit

First Full Song......only recently have a completed a fully song Bye Bye Love by The Cars
The very first thing I ever played on a guitar was "Daytripper" by The Beatles, which I had somehow managed to figure out. That was also when I still played it like a lap slide guitar.
daytripper by the beatles aswell. pretty weird because back then i only listened to linkin park. but that song sounded awesome.
first riff-Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth, I learned the main riff, pre-chorus, and chorus
first song all the way through-In Bloom by Nirvana
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Pretty sure it was hey there delilah. RIGHT after that was
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Dust in the Wind, I think. It was my first time reading tabs, and the fingerpicking patterns made me go
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all the way through? master of puppets.
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Smells like teen spirit!!! LOL
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For guitar it was Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

For bass it was Longview by Green Day
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The Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes..

i even videotaped it and was prepared to put it on youtube, then i realized that i'd probably manage to make myself a meme if i did that:S..
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So Pit, what's the first song you learned when you first picked up your guitar and plugged it in your soul. This song is in someway was one of the reasons you picked up guitar since you were influenced to learn it.

My first song ever was: "I want to F+ck a dog in the ass" by Blink 182. What an awesome moment it was trying to coordinate my pick and my fingers as the tip of my fingers were in pain and destroyed because of the hours I used to be able to play that song.

nice job for being the first song!

but anyway, persiana americana by Soda Stereo, but for those who don't listen rock in spanish it was 7 nation army (I hate not being original, if i had a time warp machine i would tell my self not to learn that, smoke on the water or smells like teen spirit, the last 2 in the list were the ones that followed).
Breaking the Law- Judas Priest
Chinese Democracy is a great album, people need to get over Slash.

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Pretty sure it was Purple Haze, thanks to the nifty tabs here.
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i was 13.

in addition i didn't know what drop tuning was so i just played it in standard.
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Blackbird by the Beatles, It's still one of my favorites......
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