hi guys, i want a distortion pedal which is can run through various amps (on the clean channel) which would give me a decent distortion, i wanna use it for stuff like the foo fighters, velvet revolver and that kind of stuff. so i suppose it needs a good bit of gain.

my budget is probably around £50 but if its cheaper thats fine by me!

thanks guys,
save, any distortion pedal <£50 will sound like a box with a nice turd in it
a DS1 might be enough distortion for you. i have a digitech hot head which isnt too great but i can get a VR sound out of it.
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save, any distortion pedal <£50 will sound like a box with a nice turd in it

Exactly. Cheap distortion pedals sound harsh and digital - almost like a computerized simulation of a can full of bees.
Get a Hardwire Digitech Metal Distortion....... I don't play much metal but the sustain and sound this gives off is something you hear on an album with amazing production. One my favorites are the Foo Fighters........ This will cover everything and with no regrets.
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ok then ill spend more, under £100

Check out the Vox Satchurator. It will definitely get the job done for you!
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what about the rat 2 pedal???

The ProCo Rat is a really great pedal but in my opionion it works better for higher gain stuff like thrash metal... I mean I know that Joe Perry uses an original Rat but to my ears it sounds better when you're using it for higher gain stuff.
If you don't mind the tone of a stock ds-1 then maybe try a keeley ds-1, see if you can't find one used since keeley really rips you off for them. Or just mod one yourself.
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