Hey, been playing for a few years now, starting to get into all that classic rock stuff like Guns N Roses and Led Zepplin etc and decided to move onto a tubed/valved amp.

I like playing bits of indie but mainly go for rock stuff from heavy stuff to smooth clean jazzy blues.

My current rig is a Gibson LEs Paul Studio hooked up to an AVT50h with some 4x12 marshall cab.

MY budget is about 500-600 quid new for a head, and the same for a combo, but id prefer to get a half-stack cos im used to them nad think they look wayy cooler.

Can anyone suggest any amps? Cheers
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Traynor YCV50 Blue.

If you let us know what region of the world you live in we can maybe find something decent but that will take some luck for $600 or under. What major city do you live near?
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peavey classic 30...


The C30 would definitely get the job done for you. Maybe pump your budget another $50 so you can get a nice OD to go along with it to give you a nice lead boost.
So 600 pounds? That's a pretty healthy budget then. I don't know all the differences between orange, but I'd definitely start there. If you don't need giggable cleans the TT should be able to do all you want.
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