Yeah, so im sort of new here, and i think this is where the thread is supposed to go but anyways... I was wondering how am I doing at on the guitar?

I have been playing for almost 2 years now and I am wondering if I have been progressing well enough. I don't have any Mp3s so you'll just have to trust me I guess.

Some songs I know in the entirety:
Through Struggle-As I lay Dying
Laid to Rest-Lamb of God
A ton of Metallica songs that I'm not gonna go through
A Little bit of Stabwound-Necrophagist
11th Hour-Lamb of God
War Pigs and Paranoid

Yeah theres more but that gives you a pretty good idea. I also know a lot of music theory because I have been playing cello for 5 years but I know how to invert chords, build scales and play like harmonic minor, natural minor, melodic minor and major scales.

Yeah, sorry about the wall of text, but how am I doing?
you can't judge some one by a list of songs they can play on the interweb...you need vids
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Yeah, sorry about the wall of text, but how am I doing?

As well as you want to be...

The thing about guitar, and this is gonna sound cliche, is that we can't grade on how well your progressing, it's all about how much enjoyment your getting out of it and if your getting what you want out of your playing.
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