Im thinking of getting new bass pickups for my MIM standard jazz bass. I play alot of experimental music eg: Radiohead, Muse etc etc. and i play jazz actively. Im looking for pickups that sound good through effects. i dont have a price range.
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Ask in the GG&A or Bass forums. Sorry, I don't know enough to help you but those are the places you should be asking.
Two low(er) budget suggestions, I havn't used any boutique pups, so I can't comment on them:

I have a pair of dimarzio passive hum-cancling pups in my jazz and they give a nice full sound, and sound great with my long effects chain. They also have fuller mids than a standard jazz pickup.

Seymour duncan quarter pounders are great pups for a low price, I have the p-bass version, but some folks in the bass forum have said good things about the jazz ones as well. They have a lot of output and amazing articulation.

yeah, close and move to one of the other forums and you'll get much more help.