Het this is my first one I uploaded here.

Tell me what you think of it.

Edit: Ahh men! I just heard it when the RSE's off and it sounds terrible like this!
Please listen it on gp5 xD
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Really, really good, except for the first measure...it seemed a bit out of place from the rest of the song. The rest is great, the drums are fast and heavy and the guitar is hardcore...very nice.
Very good. Reminds me of "The autumn offering" and "In flames".

Now it just needs a wicked solo.
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Thnks alot! And I dont know 'the autumn offering' so i'll check that! ^^
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Needs to be a bit gayer.

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Well don't come here just to say you don't like this guys work.

Don't listen to what that guy had said, it's pretty cool.
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that was really good i'll give it a more in depth crit once i see where you take the song if you choose to continue it(i hope you do)
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It was really good, I liked it!
You should add some melodic solo, not too fast tho
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