i call upon the wisdom of the almighty "Pit" to help me with my delima. i have a 96 eclipse gs automatic 4cylinder DOHC with 162500 miles on it. nothing aftermarket, unless the new waterpump and thermostat account for anything. this guy wants to trade me a 94 240sx manual with a v6, 120000 miles, aftermarket exhaust, new suspension, and an intake system. he only wants me to throw in 35 bux for a title cuz he never got one for when he bought this car. should i go for it?
Pictures on both?
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sounds like an OK deal to me, do it.
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Don't do it. He has probably beaten the shit out of the engine, so the 120k miles is worth next to nothing..
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well the body has paint comin off and stuff. i can live w/ it. but ill have pix of the engine in exhaust up n a sec
get an inspection done, if it passes it sounds like a good offer

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the old eclipses are cool..nissan looks pretty nice too but not as good as the eclipse
don't trade !
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