i was looking through one of my middle school albums and noticed almost everyone had braces when they smiled.... except me and my teeth are still crooked as hell i just never felt like getting them
I don't know. Most people I know didn't. Maybe 20-30% did? I did. They didn't do much good.
About 30% of the people I know have braces. I've got them now
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alot of people had braces i knew i nevre got them untill like a week ago where everybody got them off like a year ago...
I'd say about 50%. They're expensive...I'm getting mine off October 7th
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The same percentage as the percentage of people with f ucked up teeth
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Just about everyone (probably around 90%) in my middleschool had braces, though now almost no one has them (except like 2 people)
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A good few people I know have had them, I haven't needed to though. I have perfect teeth, the dentist said so
I had braces, not exactly completely effective for me but that's cause I couldn't be arsed wearing the retainer things I got after the braces were taken out, I really don't care.
my 2 brothers had braces (one of them had braces twice) and my sister is gettin them but, luckly i don't have 2...so prob alot of peole have
I'm so glad I got them. Now they're out my teeth look all perfect and nice.

A facking ton of children get them anyway. Don't really bother knowing the figures.
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I never had braces and my teeths don't look really nice. My parents don't want to pay for it . I guess around 60% of the people I know have or had them.
I had 'em. And now I'm wearing the annoying retainer.

At least my teeth look nice.
For real.
I got them, if it all goes well I get them off in about a week
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I never had them, but I'd guess it would be around 20% - 25% of people have had braces
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Ive had them on the top and i currently ahve them on the bottom

removal within a few weeks though

i juts started collage and loads of people have them
40% maybe?

surprisingly not many people had them in my high school

they arnt as noticable or annoying as you think
I've never had braces; I don't need them, but my teeth don't look nice. I just decided that, since my parents spend enough money on me already, I didn't want to make them pay for me to just to have something as trivial as straight teeth.