Hi guys,

I recently bought a Line6 Toneport UX2 and a Shure SM57 and I've got it installed on a Pentium 4 HT 3.2GHz with a 1gb of ram, it's a laptop but I'm pretty sure the hard drive is 5,200rpm. Freshly formatted with a clean installation of Windows XP SP3.

Ok, that might a bit too detailed for what it needs to be but any of those things could be causing my problem.. that's what I want to find out.

Basically my computer occasionally stutters when recording and even playing back.. a bit like when you're playing music and suddenly try to do something (processor?) intensive and it stutters a bit.. then perhaps speeds up to catch up in time. I'm using Cubase SX but it seemed to do it just playing through the GearBox too, with and without bypassing the GearBox tone engine.

It makes it very difficult to try and get a recording down as the tempo gets all screwed up!

Any ideas what causes this? do I need more ram? faster processor? there's nothing else software related really running in the background, as it's literally just had Windows reinstalled on it.

I've tried altering the process priority high/normal etc.. infact Cubase seemed to be automatically set to high. But I can't really see a reason why it shouldn't be all nice and smooth-like.

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated!
it might be something with service pack 3?

if there's any bugs in SP3, its possible they haven't been worked out. Have you ever had a problem recording on a computer with the toneport before?

see if you can reformat with SP2
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yea the Toneports and some interfaces dislike wireless when it comes to laptops.
try turning that off and see what happens

Also pop the task manager up and check the processor graph while recording and such to see if it maxes out...if so, you may need a faster processor.
With prices so low, you can probably go with a dual core processor however you may need a new motherboard for that...
I think I do owe you a years worth of life - wireless interfering with the usb channels it was! never would have guessed that.. thanks very much

I just read it's to with wireless and usb being on the same bus/channel.. I'm assuming that if I get a PCMCIA USB2 expansion card it will mean I can have my wireless network on as well as my TonePort.. it'll be worth it if it works for the sake of a tenner, short of buying a new computer..! although, that would be nice so that I could have a second hard drive.. both running at 7200rpm rather than a single 5400rpm drive.. I guess that's a catch with audio recording on a laptop..

Cheers anyway, much appreciated!
loll what a strange quirk! i never would have thought in a million years it would have been the integrated wireless
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.