Hi guys,
I am sure you get this kind of thread alot and i have searched but just think I need something more personal to me! So im calling on all your pearls of wisdom and asking for some help. I currently play the drums have done for close enough 2 years and long may it continue. However I am interested in picking up bass I have borrowed my mates bass enjoyed playing around on it! (and blowing up an amp! ) However im looking at getting my own bass with amp and all Music I would be playing is a real mixed bag everything from springsteen to metallica. Budget wise well do you reccomend I buy a cheap bass until I have played long enough to appreciate tone etc. . or do I spend a little more? it can be anything upto £500. the amp does not need to be giggable just be playing in bedroom, so aslong as it makes a nice tone really I dont see myself cranking it up too much (maybe jsut a little )! finally (I will stop tlaking in a minute!) what kind of sites should i be looking to buy from? im based in the UK. so yeh your suggestions are welcome.

thanks for you time guys!

hey Adam, welcome to UG Bass.
here is a great place to start your bass adventure. good luck!
I recommend an ashdown perfect 10 for your amp, and a vintage modified squire.
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Ok thanks sorry I really should have looked in FAQ I am sure you get tierd of these kind of questions I shall look into all suggestions! keep them coming!


Adam--welcome to the land of bass. Drummers make excellent bass players because they already have the rhythmic side of the house down cold and hopefully as a bass player, can lock instinctively with a drummer. They also make some of the most awesome slap players.

Check out the FAQ as Rick has said and if you have any questions beyond that, post back and we'll assist.