Hey I'm really really need some more scales to used other than the fourth mode of the harmonic minor and the pentatonic scale. I want to push my band to a new level and I have been wanting a new scale cuz all our songs are getting to be all in the same two scales I want to make them sound different in some way thats good. I really extremely appreciate it if you guys could maybe post a couple scales for a reply. Would be a tremendous help. And the scales I have right now are the Dorian, The 4th mode of the harmonic minor which i believe is Phrygian, and the pentatonic scale.

Just construct the other scales...
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learn the major scale and modes, and that will open up alot of new possibilities.
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first understand what makes a mode then anything is possible

one more then - in this modern world of heavy metal today, it is still possible to right a major song so give that a try

sarcasm intended