As the title states (should read to FUND an intrepid :lol. I need cash to buy an intrepid quickly like. Heres what ive got and what looking to get for them :

-Tama Iron Cobra JR Double Bass Pedal-used but in great condition, fully function with no problems. $125 (a steal)
-Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb-great condition with power supply,$80
-Modded Digitech Bad Monkey-more bass on tap and less tonal coloration, near mint $40
-Line 6 Uber Metal-Like new in the box with all original materials, $60
-Dimarzio Chopper-single coil sized humbucker, black,mid/neck pos. with more then enough lead for any guitar, near mint $40
-Dimarzio X2N-Black, bridge pos., almost all of the original lead, near mint, $50
-Brand new Presonus Faderport, $100
-Ibanez Cosmo Tuners-6 in line taken from an RGT, $20
-Avatar 2x12-black with black metal grill, 2 warehouse veteran 30 speakers, 8 ohm, great condition, $200

Prices are + shipping.

PM me