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not my taste of music
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Tokio Hotel is probably the worst thing Germany has produced since WW2.

id only want to see 4, maybe 5 bands on there. Big fest though, have fun.
Goodnight Sweet Prince

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do you know where i can find the tabs?


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I'm 14 not a troll....

There's only one band on that list that I like (guess which one)
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Saw the lineup earlier, looks alright. NIN, Trio, LTJ, Bedouin Soundclash, Goldfinger (great live band).
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There's only one band on that list that I like (guess which one)

Alice in Chains!
Goodnight Sweet Prince

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do you know where i can find the tabs?


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I'm 14 not a troll....

Lamb of God AND Devildriver! Yay!
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I'd go to see HORSE and LoG, but I doubt it's worth the money (however much it is)
every time I die, LoG, Horse the Band, Maylene and the sons of Disaster, In Flames, evergreen terrace, Unearth I would love to see this show
in flames, devildriver, in this moment, unearth, lamb of god.... ima going. shame theres gonna be so many trent fan girls :P
Yeah i might go if i can get some mates together for it.
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thank you zackR .
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Billy Talent, AND Lamb of God? That's quite a diverse line up.

Nine Inch Nails are amazing live. I saw them twice last summer.
... im so going this year lol just in the hope theres some decent pitting to be done.

that and in flames are good and ive yet to see lamb of god

edit. i just saw devil driver on the line up this is gonna be sweet
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only want to see Scars on Broadway

but probably not worth the ticket price

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It sounds ok. What's with the cave people and dinosaurs?

Last year had an oriental theme to it.
I quite like the cavemen theme.
Might go see a NIN side show.
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alice in chains
billy tallent
in flames

this might be worth going to!
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there are a few id want to see, but i doubt id go.

If looks coud really kill,

then my profession would be staring.

I would love to go see FFAF and AIC but that's all from that line up, so I doubt i'll go.
I normally don’t go to rock concerts. Because all my friends are into techno and rap. And I don't like going to these things alone. But I'll make an exception for this.
I'd love to go.
Anberlin, horse the band and in flames get me off.

But i have no money left from all the bands im seeing in the next 2-3 months.
Alice in chains being on there makes me want to go but thats it
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OK, everyone on UG who lives in or near Bisbane HAS to bootleg this event. We'll splice the best recordings together and it will be epic.
Eh, few bands there i'd like to see.
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i'd only want to go to see in flames, devildriver and lamb of god.
so i dont think i'll go. i'll just hope for headlining tours =P
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couldnt find anything

"ticket prices will be released soon"
I'd go to see Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Bedouin Soundclash and Lamb of God. I'm really considering this.

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Ticket prices are 110 for early bird (have to sign up on the soundwave website) and 130 for normal price. Line up was a bit disappointing was expecting a bit more from it, but still will be a fun day.
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