I've been checking out www.ax84.com a lot lately. I'm currently building their P1x build. I have recently found their "core" series which several different preamps and poweramps. They have a 2w power amp a high gain preamp. I was wondering if a 2w push-pull amp would sound good for high gain tones.
I know this question is subject to opinion, but we all know tone that sounds god-awful, and we all have tone that we strive for. I was wondering if this would be further from the god-awful side.
Links: CAUTION-pdf files. May be large for dial-up.
If you're a high gain player you dont want that much poweramp distortion. It muddies up the sound. Granted you want a little but a 2w high gain amp will sound like crap when cranked and metal is played. Also, you would have no headroom for cleans.
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