So winter approaches, the biking season is winding down and those 3 or 4 months of snow are looking mighty boring.

So i'll build another guitar, i don't really need it at this point, more just for fun. The last one turned out not quite as nice as i would like so i'll try to redeem myself here!

The basics:

Semi hollow, arched top. Body wood is completely up in the air until i go to my supplier, but i'd really like to do a quilted maple top for sure. I want a bigsby on there, this will be more classic guitar than my other 2 builds.

here's the design, i'm totally open for ideas on this so please help me out. the headstock design as well. Any tips or ideas i will take to heart.

questions? comments?
I don't like those holes ( I assume they will be holes ).
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yeah, the holes are what i'm looking for a bit of ideas on! i don't want traditional f holes...

I'd like this guitar to be symmetrical, due to the semi hollow, i think that if i do it unsymmetrical and have symmetrical "f holes" it will look off.

played with the horns, wider, shorter. i took the holes off completely until i get something i like a little more.

thanks for the tires too!
it looks like a symmetrical strat. Very cool.
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NO why would you do that? your just making your design more boring. go with your original design with the horns slanted in towards the neck slightly