Edit: Daytripper posted this one and said it works better maybe try it out first.

This was crazy funny play along for the 3min video and see what happens to you the results will suprise you!!! You really must focus all attention on the vid!!!

I failed and LMFAO.

Delete if its been done.

Edit: Its not a screamer! If you focus at the task at hand when you get the results they will surprise you but dont ruin my thread by posting the results. You can post wether it got you or not but don't ruin it for others Please
by LazyLatinoRocke
At least you didn't walked in on your cousin and girlfriend going anal.
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Not a screamer, seen it before, works the first time usually, but I can't do it again.

Dinodrummer, dont spoil it man! Edit your post for others to get the effect!



16 passes, and one gorilla suit.

I noticed the gorilla immediately.
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I noticed the guy, but I was like... "13... 14... why's that douche in the monkey suit in the way? Did I miss a pass?"
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Im pretty sure there are 18 passes I counted them all and missed the kicker
by LazyLatinoRocke
At least you didn't walked in on your cousin and girlfriend going anal.
damn i missed the gorilla. i sensed something was different at the time the guy in the suit walked in but i couldn't really tell what cause i was to focused.
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Lol.Yea. That thing was pretty cool. Honestly, i missed the "thing" the first time i saw it. now that i know its there, its impossible not too.

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I failed....
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16 passes, one was occuring when stopped (would have been 17 if that was counted), and I saw the gorilla suit.
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