In order from left to right Volume, Bass, Treble. Then thats it. Can someone tell me how I can get distortion without a pedal. Or at least tell me how I can get it to sound like distortion. PLEASE HELP!!!
Turn everything up? Still gonna sound like shit. Get a pedal or a new amp.
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Yea my post won't help but I thought there was Natural Distortion all I have to say is mess with the Nob's
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Quote by mikeyElite
what amp is it ?

Its a Kona amp or somethin like that
i got it a a pawn shop
and i dont have enough money to get a pedal
buy a new amp or a distortion pedal.
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it sounds like it's not a very good amp, but what you have to do is turn the volume way up.

It'll probably be crappy distortion based on the amp you have, but it'll be the closest you can get...
kick the speaker a few times... should make it sound distorted... REALLY hard


turn the knobs all right up and leave it on for the day while you got o work


find some other way to try and mess up the speakers
dude, its just not gonna happen. buy like a danelectro or something
Electro Metal???

Not possible, there must be a gain button on the amp.
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