Ok so im buying a new amp so i decided to ask you all for you help and opinions. Ok so im going to list the possible amps i might get and i want you all to list pros and cons for each of the amps. Please dont say "It just plain sucks" please tell me why.

Ok first amp

Behringer V-Tone GMX210 Stereo Combo Amp

Second amp

Raven RG60 Guitar Combo

or a

Fender FM 25 DSP Frontman Combo

Thank you for your help.
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What music are you playing?
I'd stay away from Behringer products by the way. There prices are cheap, but they're cheap for a reason.
what's you budget?

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^Those two questions plus...
What kind of guitar do you use?
Will you be playing with a drummer or just bedroom practice?
Would you buy used?
If so, what part of the world do you live in - used markets vary by location. Near what major city?
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Agreed with above posters. Everything you posted is pretty bad. Don't bother getting any of em.
I dont want to spend to much i want my budget to be $199 max. I currently use a fender squire with a metal muff w/ top boost distortion pedal and i mainly play metal or other types of rock. No i wont be playing with drums its just for practice and id rather buy new but if i can only find a used i might buy that. I live in Michigan and the nearest major city to me is Port Huron.
Practice makes perfect... but why practice... nobody's perfect.
You really need yo go here

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I heard that the peavy vypyr was to complicated to use is that true?
Practice makes perfect... but why practice... nobody's perfect.
if you'd try it, you could decide for yourself.
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