There was a song a ive been hearing on the radio a lot lately and i still dont know what it is. It starts out with a flying monkey chant like the one from the wizador of oz and then has a little bass intro. There is also very minimal singing in it but it is a girl singing
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what i did was go onto the website of the ratio station, like for example 91x, but you want to put 91x on google, because it might not show up on the webpage, and there should be a place where they have the name of the songs that they play. All you got to do is remember when you listen to the song, and just select the time period and day. Once then you should have that song, and they should also play it too.
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No idea...
I dont listen to the radio that much.

Nice contribution.

If you remember any of the lyrics, google them. Best way, IMO.