This is a song I wrote a few years ago, and my buddy and I have finally recorded it. I'm the one singing and playing the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass tracks. My friend is playing drums.

The song is "Joelisa."


Comments appreciated. Thanks alot.
Wow, yeah this is pretty awesome! I definitely like the sound of the vocals, though one thing, with the acoustic guitar, it sounds as if you might be recording it by using a pickup. Acoustic always sounds soooo much better when you just record it raw, just my opinion. but you've got a good strong voice, and good songwriting too!
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The guitar is an Ibanez acoustic-electric run through a digital mixer (no amp). I'm an effects junkie...

Thanks for your comments.
this is a very cool song! very neatly recorded and nicely atmospheric.

are you using some kind of autotune on the voice? it seems to change a little drastically at times, maybe it might just be my speakers though, they bug out a little bit at times.

cool song though, definitely good production