I'm going to get a crate V-Series amp.
The prices are just too good right now.

Would It be better to get a Crate V33 combo.

Or the v33 head with a v series/different cabinet?

I'm going to run a seymour duncan tube distortion pedal through it for my distortion.

Please don't suggest other amps. or say go used.

Amp will be used for mostly bedroom/band practice.
Both are solid choices. I'd say go for the head+a 2x12 cab. You can mix and match cabs for different sounds and they are a little easier to carry
Well the speakers in the V-series are kind of shitty... If you can afford it go with the V-series head and a 2x12, if not get the combo.
I really like my V33 Combo. The OCD really really really makes it sound great. I think I will eventually swap out the speakers though but the stock ones arn't horrible or anything.
I like my V33H for portability reasons.