Well it was about this guy, who was somewhere around his 29th birthday as he celebrated it mid show, and he has never, NEVER EVER EVER, not even when he was younger, has never eaten a hot meal. He use to survive on plates of grated cheese mixed with salt and vinegar crisps, and he would drink coke.....

He physically started to throw up when he tried to eat plain cooked chicken
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I watched that show. He was a moron, was getting all stressed just looking at lettuce.
a plate of grated cheese could not be a cheap substitute for a warm meal. Why did he do this?
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Was he poor or something?

And why was he stressed over lettuce? Did they cook it?!
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a plate of grated cheese could not be a cheap substitute for a warm meal. Why did he do this?

He wasnt looking for a cheap substitute, i think he just had a problem eating hot food or something ...

cant find a lin sorry, it was just on like Channel four or BBC or something

Edit: it was called like meal or no meal... or meal or no deal or something
I think it was called Freaky Eaters or something like that, it sounds like a BBC3 program.
Sounds incredibly stupid.
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