Alright guys, im lookin for a new bass guitar. Right now i have this CRAPPY-ASS Crescent bass. Got it for christmas. I'm borrowin my friends Fender P-Bass Special right now, but he's comin back from college soon. I really, really like the Thunderbird IV. Could anyone give me their opinions on it if they have used it before. Also, any other suggestions are great. My price range is like $300-$350. Thanks, peace out.
Go look in the Thunderbird thread. It will point out the Thunderbirds numerous con's and the not-so-numerous pro's.

Do you like the fender, though?

You could get a used MIM Fender for 300 bucks, or something like a VM Squier .
get a ibanez gsr300, ibanez makes good basses, or you could get low-end used schecter.
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