I've been writing this poem over the course of quite a long time. The first half was written about three years ago, while the last two stanzas were written last night. It's pretty personal so I don't expect anyone here to know what it means or what it's about, but if you do, you'll obviously enjoy it a lot more. The last piece i posted here was extremely unstructured, so i decided to show UG my more structured side, as this piece is divided into stanzas and has a (near)rhyme scheme of sorts. Enough of my rambling. Tear it apart.

Oh, how difficult it is, peering through this filthy window.
I cant even see the flowers that I planted last spring.
I'm sure they're all dead by now though,
for this is the second coldest winter that I've ever seen.

I walk outside with a rag to wipe the glass
and I spot a lone flower amongst a pile of frozen ones.
As I step off the porch, I realize its too cold to pluck it from the patch of dead grass.
I step back inside and continue my pathetic afternoon of spanish soap opera re-runs.

A few months later, the winter storms turned to spring showers
and the rain turned my dirty window to a glass so clear.
I peer out my window and spot the same vibrant flower.
Although, another flower has grown so near.

I dare not now steal the former flower from the soil that it sits
for the fear of leaving another out in the cold.
Perhaps if i wasn't so hesitant about having my flower picked,
I wouldn't be quite as alone.
I liked it, it's a bit on the literal side for me but definitely interesting. Are the last two lines the only hint at what the meaning of the poem is, or am i completely missing something?
It just seems to me that it was kind of a meaningless if pretty description of someone's experience planting flowers, right up until the end when it hinted at some kind of back story, like telling about a person who lives alone and who's only joy in life is planting flowers, or something like that. Also, looking back, you kind of foreshadowed the loneliness thing with the "pathetic afternoon of spanish soap opera re-runs" line.
If what you intended was something that has no meaning until the last two lines light the whole thing up in a new way, then you've been really clever, good for you. But if that's not the case, then sorry but i'm not sure i get it.
no, the ENTIRE piece has very strong symbolic meaning to me. its about a series of events and experiences that i've been going through over the past few years. it's not about a gardener. i put thought into every object portrayed in the poem.

i guess i'll tell you the meaning of the "spanish soap opera re-runs" line though, it is a tad abstract.

the "spanish" part suggest that i don't understand it(i dont speak spanish).
the "soap opera" part suggests that its dramatic.
the "re-runs" part suggests that it has all happened before.

the last two lines of the poem just act as a resolution, to show that the narrative is over.

thanks for the effort though =]