Hiya, ok, here is my question, can a 7 string be used as a 6 string? A guy I know offered to lend me an acoustic guitar, a bass and a 7 string electric guitar, which his son used to use as a six string guitar. Just would like to know.
yea, you could, but you'd only be limiting yourself. the tuneing on a 7 string is standardly as fallows:

it just adds a lower string. you can still use the top 6 strings as a normal six string. you should look into some seven string songs/techniques. there's some really good stuff out there.
same way, I'd drop the low string to A honestly. . . that way you can do really fast power chord stuff easily with minimal effort and you can still sweep on the E-E strings. . . six string sweeps, I wouldn't bother with seven but I do some drop tuning sweeps with my six string in drop D and it sounds cool, so you'd have a tone of options in Drop A. . . you use a 7 string like a six string. . . with an extra low string
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