I go through withdrawal when i haven't played guitar for over a day. like when i stay the weekend at family/friends houses or go on vacation. i get jumpy, twitch and tap a lot. does this happen to anyone else?
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Yeah I do and I'm suffering from it now, because I'm taking a break since I damaged my wrist playing too much. This sucks
i do that all the time im not playing guitar...
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Same thing happens to me.
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Sometimes I do. I usually have times where I don't feel like playing at all and other times when I just have to pick it up. For the past month I have mainly been into just listening to music. I killed my confidence when I made a recording of me playing and singing this song.
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Sometimes I know I need to practice so I just turn on Tornado of Souls.
I hear it, then I rush to plug everything in before the main verse starts.
I can't resist playing along with that song.

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im allways doing it. my friends notice i do it and they keep asking why, it gets really annoying
Not to drastic but i do get urges after some days when i listen to music
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ive been playing for a year and i do that like everyday while im in school
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more with me i have random urges of wanting to do some shredding during the day while i sit in boring ass classes....makes it really hard to concentrate
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Yeah I get this too. I went on holiday for a week with my mates, and I really pissed them off by the end of it because I wouldn't sit still, and I kept drumming on tables with my left hand without realising it
for me it's hard to live without a guitar....
i dont think i have taken such long breaks since i played guitar...
and whenever I was going somewhere, I used to carry my acoustic...
and whenver I'm in classes I play GH3 in my cellfone..thats pathetic though..
yea, looks like this happens to evr1. ive worn out the left corner of my laptop closest to me cause ive drummed my left fingers over it so many times
meh i don't think it's to serious i mean real addictions must be much worse but yeah i do like to play guitar.. it's kinda placebo alot though aswell IMO
when i only played guitar occasionally, i went on holiday for 2 weeks. by the 5th day i was playing air guitar every 5 hours because i really wanted to play guitar. now that i practice between 4-10 hours a day, it is an effort to sit in class and wanna play guitar, and if the class is especially boring (and especially the classes before a prac session of music) i have to sit down with a pen and paper and write some form of music theory out so i don't randomly start playing air guitar in class and make myself look like an idiot.

so yeh long story short, my names Aradine and i have a Guitar addiction.
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Yeah I have to play thru at least one song everyday, even if its the same song everyday for a week, it doesn't matter. I slack off a lot these days, mostly because I got so used to playin' with my buddy, recordin' an wha not, now jammin just feels like I SHOULD be recording if I'm gonna even play.
The times they are a changin'.....
I am at school now and I miss my guitar a lot. If I don't pick up a guitar and play a few riffs for a whole day I might start playing air guitar... even if there isn't a song on. ( )

Still what helps me through long school days (like today) is listening to music.
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happens to me too, even when i'm not playing i'm always thinking of playing or just music in general.

i wonder what i used to think about before i started playing guitar..... maybe it was pokemon, thats the last hobby i remember having before i started playing haha
i suffer this all the time. I currently riped muscles in my right shoulder and can't play for an extended period of time. I'm freaking out man!
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this is completely normal. you are a true musician
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