So I'm getting ready to complete college (UF, in my hometown = me staying with parents to save money up) and plan on moving out with a few friends who are still in college while I take a couple year break before entering the real world (i.e. normal company post-college job)

Anyway I was wondering, being a realist & economist hah, what should I look for spending wise..i'm trying to create a check list of all the expenses I will likely incur.

-Rent (util included)
-Car Insurance
-Health Insurance

now...what else am I missing?
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but necessities like internet and stuff like that you dont need.
oh but stuff breaks so put some back , like your car will break down or w/e
Fun money. Also DO NOT forget to have money as a backup to anything - stuff like your car needing to be fixed unexpectedly, tickets (you never know), ect. There are so many things that you will need some money for. Always have some just in case.