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A great 80's band with a kickass catalogue........ You can't go wrong! This is the ONLY thread for Def Leppard fans. Please no slamming...........

Let's start out. Favorite Lep song?
Mine's "Bringing on the Heartbreak"
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Too Hard, I will go by album

On Through The Night: Sattelite (sp)
High N Dry: Let It Go
Pyromania: Die Hard the Hunter
Hysteria: Hysteria
Adrenalize: White Lightning
Retro Active: Desert Song
Slang: Blood Runs Cold
Euphoria: Paper Sun
X: Scar
Songs From the Sparkle Lounge: Cruise Control
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Pour Some Sugar on Me

Best Leppard songs by far
"Neige Loving Fag"
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Pour Some Sugar on Me is one of the catchiest songs in existence

DL is a great band, Hysteria and Pyromania are my favorite albums
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Phenomenal studio band. "Ring Of Fire" is my favorite Def Leppard song. "Run Riot" is the runner up. However, pretty much everything they have released is great. Slang is my favorite album. Even though it did not get too many favorable reviews and is probably their least popular.
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Steve clark is the mad notes !!!
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