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I went to guitar center today and for the first time...I heard a 6505 in person...I'm completely blown away....I love it. It's the best sounding head I think I've ever heard. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Now this is where I'm looking for help. It's 120 watts of tube power. Too much for me. Wayyy too much. I mostly play in bedroom and occasionally jam with friends. I was wondering if there is any way to make it somewhat quieter at louder volumes(I know hardly anything of tube amps), or if there is an amp/head that sounds good at lower levels too.

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People here mention power attenuators a lot. From what I gather it's a piece you connect between the head and cab? (or between the head and power outlet) that lets you push the head into the "sweet spot" but keep volume at a decent level.

You can find them on MusiciansFriend, and other people who own Tube heads and have used attenuators can give better details than me.

You'd also have the option of NOT getting a 4x12 speaker cabinet, but go with smaller like a 2x12 or 1x12.
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DB is right, it's called an attenuator and goes between the output of the amp and the speaker, great tool, though in this case I recommend against. In this case I suggest looking for the 60w combo (and trying it, I've heard they sound a bit different from the head and some people don't like them as well) and just keep the volume low. With an amp like that you don't need really need power tube saturation for it to sound good. Most metal players like the tighter sound that larger wattages give you. If you decide you live it better turned up then you might want to invest in an attenuator.

Edit: Less speakers won't make it quieter, but I would suggest a 2x12 over a 4x12 for convenience and price sake.
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the last two posts, peavey also calls them power sponges

or you could get a smaller alternative like the combo version

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Pull the two inner or outer tubes and cut the ohms you run your cab on in half on the amp (ie: If your cab is 16ohms, plug into the 8ohms input on the amp).

This will cut your wattage in half.

The difference between 120W and 60W is very minimal volume wise, but the effects of doing this are noticeable in that you won't have quite as much headroom with 60W, the tubes will break up at a lower volume.

Honestly, I wouldn't suggest getting an attenuator if you play with a lot of distortion and liked how it sounded when you tried it today (assuming you tried it on a lower volume setting). Most high gain amps are made to sound good at low volumes, granted, it will sound better when the power tube saturation hits its "sweet spot," but my 5150 didn't sound bad at all with the volume at .5 - 2.
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the last two posts, peavey also calls them power sponges

No. That's a trick (gimmick) that is part of Transtube Technology as seen in the Peavey Vypyrs. Whether or not it works is debateable. Some have said it does, but either way - it will NOT be available on his 6505. If your not sure, don't post.

What they are talking about are the standalone hardware motors that physically draw and absorb power from the amp. Like the Weber attenuators. They also make resistor based attenuators as does Hotplates I believe.

Good reading for ya.


just noticed at bottom right of this page is a link to THD Hotplate which is kind of interesting.