im looking to get a distortion pedal, this will be my first one. I want a pedal that i can use for a long while, in other words i want a really good one for the price. i was looking at getting a boss ds-1(I kinda want it modded). also i would like too know if the jemini and the satchurator are good and if they are a good investment for me. I would also appreciate all other suggestions. Thanks.
the Keeley's mod on the Boss DS-1 is pretty sweet. It was my first distortion pedal too... I bought and used a SD-1 more though because I got a better classic rock tone out of it though :P

The ORANGE DS-1 is still my hardcore/metal pedal and probably always will be. I havn't had any problems as long as I've had it (2 years?).
Orange? you mean the boss ds-1 right? or the brand orange? i hope my stupidity doesnt offend you. also i kinda want distortion like the mars volta's omar rodriguez lopez, but i also want a pedal that will give me a good metal sound.
If you can save up some cash, get this.


If not, the other pedals suggested in this thread wouldn't be a bad choice.
I am in full support of the crunchbox or the OCD
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That's what sold me on that particular pedal.

If you are serious about that

140 dollar budget and you suggest a cheap, digital Digitech pedal?
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if your thinking about a boss id just get the metal zone it has a palet of tones on it and it will last you a wial and will only run you about 100 bucks
If you want something like Omar, who uses Vox AC-30s, you are going to need a chimey distortion. The Satchurator may be able to do it, the DS-1 I'm not too sure about.
how about an electro harmonix big muff? it costs less than the E.H. English Muff'n
The Muff'n is an overdrive. The Big Muff is a distortion.
The pedal you/want need depends on your amp.
Sooo....what is it?
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I would get a Fulltone OCD. They are OD pedals but pretty high gain. Also, an MI Audio Crunch Box should be good. Classic marshall crunch and can get heavier than a JCM800.

I second the fulltone

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